Saturday, September 06, 2008

In their quest to win the Dems continue to prove they are losers

With all the talk of presidential spawn, doncha think it's a wee bit funny that all we hear about are the girls. Obama's girls. Palin's Bristol. McCain's bloggette. Sure we hear a bit about the down syndrome baby, but only in relation to Palin's uterus.

So I am here to break with feminist tradition and cry "but what about the mennzzzzzz".

Specifically, McCain's son Andrew who has recently resigned from the board of Silver State Bank, a bank that federal regulators shut down Friday because of its failings.

Now while the Dems all have their panties in a bunch over the possibility that estrogen might actually come near the White House (and not just to design the new Oval Office rug) they seem to have missed Andrew's little career failure.

If Andrew shares daddy's views on economic policy, and a bank that Andrew worked for fails, does that perhaps mean that the McCain family idea of winning economic policy is failure? Shouldn't the Dems be spending their time pointing out the Republican economic policies are failing our country, using Andrew as a prime example of "What would daddy do?"

But Andrew, alas has no uterus to control or shame. Poor Andrew. If he had only been born a girl, he could be taking the center of the political stage right now while the Dems point out that "girls suck at math" or economics or something. Though truthfully, Obama and McCain both share a hands off the money of the rich approach to economics, the Dems would more likely take the tack of saying that Andrew had to leave banking cause his uterus couldn't be in two places at once, caring for his family and working a job.

But boys will be boys and banks will fail when run with little oversight and regulation. And the NeoDems don't get off their ass to fix the country unless there is some slut shaming to do.

(HT to Lambert, who is quickly becoming my latest blog crush)

ETA: Oh my gawd- bank failures really are the McCain family business. I was just a wee 14 year old girl when the Savings and Loan failures happened and so I didn't know that McCain was part of the Keating 5. Holy shit, Batman, you would almost think the republicans believe that robbing from the poor to give to the rich is sound fiscal policy. .

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