Monday, July 11, 2011

Let them eat peas!

So sayeth President Regan Obama.

I don't even know what to say to the folks who still believe Obama is playing some kind of 11 dimension chess and that contrary to EVERYTHING he has said publicly, he got some secret lefty agenda. He doesn't. He's all so not stupid. He doesn't give a fuck about us, the average person just trying to find enough work to pay for the little things like food and shelter and maybe if we're really lucky- dental work. He thinks that when push comes to shove, those on the left-ish side will still vote for him because the alternative is supposedly worse.

And the Senate ain't much better. If they had the will, there are things they could do to limit Republifuckers' assholery. But they don't have the will. It's not in their best interests.

We, at the bottom 80% (okay,, we can even expand it to bottom 90%) will be the ones sharing the sacrifice. We are the ones who have to "eat our peas" except they aren't our peas. We have to eat the peas of the rich asshole who ate the entire chicken off the table, without sharing any. (Rich assholes make the worst dinner guests as well as the worst human beings, true fact).

All this eat your peas/ sacrifice bullshit makes me think of whatever children's story where the shitty little prince misbehaves, so his slave child takes the whippings for him. Shitty little princes.


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