Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a day for frivolity! Hurray!

Or a day when my brainspace is occupied with "If I go pee, will I miss the phone ringing? If I take the phone to pee with me, will it be totes rude if I get a call and answer while on the toilet? Why won't the phone ring. Arrrrrrrgggggg"

Thank the FSM for guest posts and movie reviews and T.O.E.

In the mean time, I got a super cool grey mini skirt at the Goodwill this weekend for 3 bucks. It will be perfect in fall/spring/winter with leggings. But it's summer and I want to wear it NOW!!!!

Am I too old for naked legged mini skirt wearing? I don't wear shorts (because I find them seriously uncomfortable. How do you keep them from riding up if you don't have super skinny thighs?) Most of my skirts are either maxis or they come to just above knee level. This one is mid-thigh. But it's dark grey with zippy pockets and makes me feel slightly more punk-rock and less middle-aged mom of a nearly grown teenager. And it would look hawt with my Elizabitchez t-shirt (shameless self-promotion, check!)

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