Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's like the first day of school

So first day of new job out of the way. It was only a half day, but I didn't sleep well last night so I feel like I worked 100 hours.

I was feeling a little bit of imposter syndrome, that feeling like "OMG, I don't deserve this. It's too easy. I got the job too easy! What if they find out I am just a big turd!" Then I got there this morning and filled out 8000 pages of stuff and started training and felt much better. I'm now at the "I got this. I can do this" phase.


Also, when I first moved to Seattle a thousand years ago, I worked in Pioneer Square. I think it's the oldest neighborhood in the city. I loved it. It's beautiful, to begin with. But I also like being around all the strange people you meet down there. I got there early this morning and sat on a park bench for a bit before going in. While sitting there, I got a not creepy marriage proposal (I don't know if I can explain the difference between a creepy street harasser and a guy who is just being cute but who you/I am not interested in. But there is one.) And then I got serenaded by another guy, also in a non-creepy way (he pinged my gaydar,so I think he was also just being cute).

All in all, a pretty damn good first day. Now I need a nap. And some dinner. And a nap.

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