Thursday, June 16, 2011

What If My Hurty Body Is ALL From Vitamin Deficiancy

I stopped taking Vitamin D a little less than 2 weeks ago. My doctor wanted to take some blood levels to see if I still need to take it or if I can be done.

For the last week I've been hunched over like an 90 year old. Everything hurts from my neck to my toes. I even got an hour and a half long massage (gently) and that helped for a few hours. But the next day I was right back to cramping and aching.

I've got a bottle of over the counter Vitamin D. My prescription was for 50,000 IUs 3 times a week. The over the counter stuff is just 5,000. I took 2. I should take 4. We'll see how I do.

I can't decide if I should be super happy that (maybe) all that is wrong with me is malnutrition (technically malabsorpbtion, I think) and anemia. I know that sounds weird.

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