Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I gotta get me a jobby job

And as much as I love this here blog, it does keep me from looking for less fulfilling but more regularly paid work. So posting and responding may be a bit thinner than normal. There's only so many years a girl can go without dental work and buying new undies and I've reached that limit (I probably reached that limit 2 years ago, but I'm a trooper).

I'm not going away, though. I just thought you all should know. And if any of you all have resume skills, I think I need them. I mean, I've been the person reading other people's resumes for years and have helped people get jobs that way, but I am just at kind of a mental block when it comes to my own. Argh. I hate this part.

Also, if you want to do guest posting NOW IS THE TIME! Get something off your chest! Bitch here!

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