Monday, June 13, 2011

Link farming! It's a Hit! All the Cool Kids are Doing It!

Via The Other Elizabeth- the best damn response to the Tracy Morgan homophobia-fest you'll read.

Public banking- we've got a model for success. (Actually I have thought for a long damn time that credit for some things, like homes, should be universal. A well regulated public banking system is a damn good start though).

Davidly on how we respond to tyranny.

What does it mean that Poland and the Czech Republic outrank us when it comes to fundamental rights? (Full report is linked at the bottom)

War! In Libya! Not actually for humanitarian reasons! You don't say. Well knock me over with a feather because I would never have suspected President Anti-War to go killing people for commercial reasons.

"Walking out into this world everyday is very horrific and strange"

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