Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Art Blogging

The first thing I do when I move is hang the art. Since I lost all of
it, including all of my own paintings, I am making do. The apartment
feels more empty to me because of the bare walls than because of the
lack of furniture. When I got Kid's Bed, I also got 4 awful pictures
that I am cannibalizing for my own paint. One was your standard boring
garden print, over the top of which I am painting a giant Buddha in
the lotus positions with a bright red background. But instead of
having both eyes closed in peaceful meditation he's got one eyebrow
raised and is giving a hard side eye to something. He's half finished.
I ran out of paint. The other one I'm doing is the beginning of a
series. I've always loved travel posters but am grossed out by the
exoticism. So I'm going to do some paintings of travel-style
revolutions. I've started on one of Subcommandante Marcos/Citizen X
that will read 'chiapas' and I'd like to do one for Tunisia and Iran.
But again, out of paint. I'll post pics when they are done, if you

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