Monday, April 18, 2011

Damn PBS, why'd ya have to go there?

I am a glutton for the PBS costume drama. And I've seen just about
every version of Upstairs Downstairs/Gosford Park/Downton Abbey etc.
etc. So of course I'm watching the new Upstairs Downstairs and I'm
bored to fucking sobs. Nothing new to see here. Until the introduce
Rachel, a Jewish refugee from Germany (in 1936) who goes from being a
university lecturer with a husband and daughter and maid of her own,
to being a maid. Suddenly there is a character we haven't seen before!
(And to be honest, the rest of the characters are so flatly written I
want to poke them to see if they'd crinkle like paper). Rachel also
gives the only other *non-white character, the exotic Indian
manservant Mr. Rangit, a chance to interact with people instead of
being decoration. So (SPOILERS!) of course they have to kill her off.
Like having more than 2 non-wasps in a costume drama for more than an
episode will fucking cause PBS viewers to lose their shit. Instead we
get a Very Special Episode! on facism. Gross.

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