Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why people choose full republican over diet republican everytime

You've all heard some version of the above. Buy why? Think about the
conservative ideaology. It's a world with no social programs, no
public eduction, and only a huge millitary as an outlet for (mild)
poverty relief. You believe that the only use for government is in
exercising cohersive power, either through the police of the military.
If you believe that the only true path to liberty is through those
measures, then a meddling, middling, compromising moderate (like
Obama) is NEVER going to win you over. NEVER. As for Democrats, well
it is supposed to be the party that believes that the government
should 'ensure domestic tranquility' through social programs with less
of a focus (but not much less) on cohersive power. We don't have that
though. What we have is a party of douchenozzles running themselves
(and us) ragged trying to out liberty and coherce the right while
making mild sops to theft obfuscated in orwellian rhetoric (public
option anyone).

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