Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's almost as if we're never on the right side

While I was working on my Chiapas painting I was thinking about how
the current carnage in northern Mexico due to narcotrafficing is
because we trained those criminals and murderers in warfare to fight
the zapatistas, a bunch of farmers who were protesting NAFTA and
wanted land reform. And I was thinking about how Aristide really was a
decent guy until Clinton (Bill) got into the act and Aristide was all
love for le Infants Terrible. And so I was thinking about the armies
we're training in Iraq and the Pols we're backing in Afghanistan and
the bombing we're providing in Libya. What kind of horror stories will
we hear in 10 years because once again we've backed the wrong person
or corrupted the governmet of some other country or trained an army of
sadists in the fine arts of Torture and oppression.

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