Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We can't send the Banksters to jail but we can give a homeless mom 20 years

It's becoming more obvious to the have-a- littles that it is illegal to be a have-Not. Homelessness and school enrollment are one of the most glaring ways in which poverty is a criminal act. I have the constant fear that my poverty status means that at any moment Kid's home schooling could be grounds for extra social services scrutiny.

But at least I'm not looking at 20 years in jail for trying to get my Kid an education. A FUcking education! She didn't causes a global financial melt-down. She didn't commit an act of violence. She didn't even Commit the Standard 'let's lock up the poor and brown for Self-medicating.' She just enrolled her kid in the school closest to the homeless shelter they stay at. That's our lovely justice system for you.

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