Thursday, April 28, 2011

Signal Boost for a Friend in Need and Deed

You all have seen the darling Aeryl hereabouts. If someone is rambling on about hot boys and why they're aren't more stoner chick movies, that would be me and Aeryl. What you all don't know is that she played comment moderator for the last month or so pre- internets, that she's shipping me a big ol' box of tees and books and stuff for the Kid cause he's outgrown all his.

While trying to do the right thing, i/e not risk death because of OSHA violations, Aeryl's sig nif got fired. And of course they are fucking him out of his unemployment. So things are more than a bit tight for the Aeryl family. If you can, throw her some ducketts.
More info and paypal link here: Bootstrap Production Halted

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