Monday, April 25, 2011

The Great Music Exchange

The loverly Aeryl is burning me some cds and wanted to know what I
like. The Great Ruthzilla has drunkenly proclaimed me the Indy Pop
Queen. It's true. I love the Decemberists, Death Cab, the Pernice
Brothers, Magnetic Fields, etc. Also bitchy girl's, pop and otherwise
like Lilly Allen, Kate Nash, M.I.A., Princess Superstar, etc. 70's
funk and it's bastard children from curtis Mayfield to Janelle Monet.
Thinky or non-gangstar rap like Blue Scholars and Lyrics Born. And
disco punk (punk you can shake your ass to) like The Clash, The Fall,
Gang of 4, Franz Ferdinand,Gogol Bordello, the Gossip. Oh and I like
some latin stuff like Julietta Venegas and Maria Rita.
I also love hearing shit I haven't heard before. Surprise me!
If you want to participate in the great music exchange, email me for a
mailing address.

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