Friday, April 09, 2010

Dear People Who Voted For Obama and Still Believe the Hype

Lemme clear up a few myths for you.

1) I am not a Republican. I did not want the Republicans to win. If I had wanted the Republicans to win, I would have voted for the Republicans. But I didn't.

2) I am not a racist. Well, everyone is a little bit racist, though i work really damn hard to overcome all that (not needing a cookie for that work, btw). I don't dislike Obama because he is black. I dislike him because he's a corporatist dillhole with a giant letter D after his name. As a matter of fact, the person that I did vote for looks just like this

If I had wanted to vote for a white person, I certainly had an option to do so. But I wanted to vote for the person and party that actually represented my values and issues best. It was giant bonus that she happens to be both female and black. (But actually those two oppression points may explain why her values are closer to mine than Obama's are).

3) I know the I told you so's are hard to take. Suck it up pooh bear.

4)If the only pressure we, as individual citizens, can exert on the system is with our vote, then why do you keep giving that vote to people who don't believe in the same values that you do? I know, winning seems important, but what you're really showing is that your vote has no value. You will give it to someone who will work against your best interests, against your beliefs, as long as sometimes your party can come out on the winning side.

Didn't you ever watch an 80's teen flick? Did you not get the often used message that staying on the assholes side just because he's a winner never makes you cool?

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