Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dear Google Reader

For the most part, I love your little explore button. It's how I've found most of the art and design blogs that keep me sane when I can't read one more thing about politics or economics or crappy things going on in the world and I just want to look at pretty pictures of things people have made. You deserve mad props for that.

However, please stop suggesting that I read stuff from people I hate. I'm not not reading them (wait, if I'm not not eating donuts means i am eating donuts then skip that whole line, this momentary lapse in content is brought to you by GRAMMAR). They aren't on my reading list not because I don't know about them, but because I do know about them and I think they are dillholes (that would be John Arovosis of AmericaBlog and Greg Mankiw who holds a freakishly strong grasp on the college economics textbook market, in case you needed to know)

You know what would be nice, a NEVER SHOW THIS TO ME AGAIN button in explore. Or a YOU MISSED THE MARK TOTALLY button.

But keep sending me pretty pictures, I like those. I am particularly fond of regency era architecture filled with modernist furniture, cause I'm contrary like that. And more Swedish design. If that helps.



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