Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Deserve it Dividend- Lottery Shopping

One of the things the Kid and I do in times of mass suckitude is "Lottery shopping". Mostly we imagine what our super cool house would be like. But we also plan trips, etc.

So I was thinking about what we would do if we did give every grown up in the country $297,000 instead of bailing out the rich. It's not enough to buy a house here. It's almost enough to buy a 2 bedroom flat. It is enough to pay off all my debt (about 10k) and make my credit pretty. And it's enough to pay for me to finish college with living expenses. Plus, if I got the money for back child support from Kid's dad, I could put 40K into a college fund for him.

So if you got $297K, what would you do?

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