Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate news

Except for McCain's freudian slip about the free market being the solution for families and their deceased, erm I mean doctors, this debate was a snoozefest.

Oh there was the little moment where Obama finally opened up to something Hillaryesque with a shout out for HOLC.

But for the most part- I can see little reason why I I would vote for either of these clods.

Instead, I want suggestions for the most perfectly outrageous person I could write in. Bernard says Bush, but we don't want to give Bush a MANDATE to stay with my one little write in vote. I suggested Al Gore and a time machine. He thinks Al Gore is too reasonable, but the time machine part may push it over the top.

How about you peeps?

(And PS to McCain- if Obama really did have the most liberal voting record in the senate, I might actually vote for him. But that line was old with gore, tired with Kerry and fucking pathetic with Obama).

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