Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Questions for Berneke and Paulson

I'm at work so I may actually have missed all the question asking that congress is doing, but I have a few of my own questions for the masterminds of the bankster bailout.

1) Exactly how many homes will be saved from foreclosure under this plan? 1 or 2, maybe even a dozen? Does that number include the vacation homes of the banksters who will get to keep their giant bonuses and therefor not have to worry about losing their ski chalet in Aspen?

2) What does the American public get for 700 billion dollars? Anything? For 700 billion plus 4 extra bucks we might get a Starbucks coffee. But what exactly is the benefit to the American taxpayer for spending this money. Is there any value in it for us?

3) Why is this so last minute? Why do we have to decide right now when you two have been telling us the worst was over for months?

4) This whole no oversight of the treasury department clause- it feels like the financial version of the enemy combatant thing. Aren't you really just trying to pull a fast one on us (again) to gain more executive power?

5) So what you're really saying is that it's going to cost us 700 billion PLUS our constitutional rights to democratic oversight to save these companies? Is that really a cost effective use of our money and rights?

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