Monday, September 22, 2008

All right Obots- spin this hopey changey thing

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said Sunday that if he’s elected, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson would be “involved” in the new administration’s transition – a very unusual move when the White House changes parties.
Paulson, 62, is the wealthy former chairman and chief executive of the investment bank Goldman Sachs, and is widely respected on Wall Street.
Obama’s announcement can be expected to reassure the business community, which initially had been worried about Obama’s plans to raise the tax on capital gains. But he has now said he would raise it much less than some had feared.
Obama has also indicated he might retain Defense Secretary Robert Gates as part of an effort to send a bipartisan signal at the start of his presidency.

Seriously, every fucking time I might be a tiny bit swayed towards Obama, he comes out and says something so stupid I can't believe that my resolve wavered for even a second.

Next thing you know, Paulson's gonna ride up to the Treasury on a rainbow shitting unity pony and ask Obama to hand him his crown made out of the paper of mortgage backed securities.

OHHHHHHH AND the fuckers upstairs are playing more god damned Whitney Houston. I do not wanna dance with somebody who loves me.

(HT to the Republic of Dogs)

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