Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A moment of silence

For the crock pot.

I have done pretty damn well for having started packing at 12 pm today. Nearly everything we are keeping is gone including almost my entire kitchen (witch means eating for the next 2 days will be interesting- oops).

Unfortunately, while trying to fit my big antique steamer trunk packed full of dishes into the back of a Subaru Outback, there was a bit of a tragedy. The Crock Pot, the thing that makes the pot roasts and pork roast and Christmas Day veggie chili, died an untimely death. I am sad for the crock pot loss, but that is a relatively small loss considering that I got my entire kitchen packed and loaded. This morning i was thinking that I would be lucky to come out with a few pots and pans and no dishes.

My neighbors have all been kind and concerned. My friends roped more friends into helping. We'll pull the rest of this stuff out Tuesday morning and we'll be done. I am in really good spirits ,not just cheerful but pumped full of actual spirits (moscow mules- vodka, ginger beer and lime) cause grown ups shouldn't have to move boxes sober.

Now I am going to watch mad men and weeds and then pass out on the couch.

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