Sunday, August 24, 2008

Existential Crisis Update

Thanks much to raj who posted a video in comments on the Loss of Belief post. While I don;t know that electric shock is my cup of tea (I had electric shock therapy done on my knee to help heal a torn meniscus (sp) that saved me from surgery but was horrible to sit through) it did give me a little hope. I think the hardest thing about this particular episode is that ever since the first one I have worked my ass off to keep it from getting this bad again. I've seen the doctors and the therapists and the shrinks. I've taken the pills. And I understand that it will never go away forever, I thought I was doing everything to keep it from getting really bad. It pisses me off that I'd been doing everything i was supposed to do and still got the shit kicked out of me. It turns out the chronic depression is just like any other long term illness. You can do all the things the doctors tell you and still get bad flare ups.

In other news- there seems to be a blogging for universal healthcare thing going on in random places about the intertubes. I'm done arguing with idiots about how it's a better, cheaper, healthier way for our country. In the future i am just going to ask non- believers if they have a mother fucking Costco card. If they do, then they understand the idea behind the power of bulk buying. Universal healthcare is like Costco. You pay your membership fee to get access to the purchasing power of many people who can drive the costs done by sheer numbers. And the entire American populace is the club.

And in more news- what do you get when you mix a classist, sexist, free market blowhard with a racist, sexist, free market blowhard? The Democratic Party Presidential ticket of course. Now riddle me this my little pooh bears. If Hillary was the anti-christ for voting yay on the Iraq war and was a big bad racist, how exactly is Joe " articulate" Biden a better choice?

Oh wait, I know this one. Biden and Obama share the core belief that women exist for ownership reasons only and that only giving money to the rich in a free market will save our tanking economy. Remember ladies and gents, it's all about power, penis, and pussy control for the Hope and Unity crew.

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