Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From the mod que

A lot of the things we criticize people for are stupid. John Edwards' fancy haircuts, women's looks, poor people being poor, saggy pants, etc.

But there is a reason that shame has developed as a social tool. It is meant to curb behaviors that are damaging to a society. So I am going to use that little social tool called shame to call someone out. I've debated with myself a bit on this one, mostly because I don't actually want to give the person the attention they so obviously desire. But, I think he needs to realize just how awful he is at his core. We all like to think that any actions we take are righteous and good. This action is particularly reprehensible that is simply must be pointed out and corrected.

From the comment mod, our resident stalker troll, Matthew, has left me this:

Matthew (nascentgrasshopper@yahoo.com) wrote the following:
Did you get evicted? Typical Clinton supporter.


Now imagine the kind of person who relishes a single mom and her child be thrown out on the street. Can anyone who finds joy in the misery of others have any sort of redeeming qualities? Do you think this is the kind of person who has friends who would take him in if his luck turned so bad? Do you think this is the kind of person people would respect or admire? Or is he really just a miserable little man who no one could love because he is so full of meanness and spite that there is nothing in him that could make people would want to be around him. Do you think he could ever make someone smile? He could make them laugh, at him, not with him, but not smile with happiness and excitement at seeing him.

Such a sad little life this sad little man must lead. I actually feel pity for him. I mean, my money situation sucks. But because I am kind and compassionate, I have friends who love me and will help take care of my family. I don't think a person like Matthew could ever know that kind of love.

I wonder if he felt any twinge of regret after sending that comment. I doubt it. I doubt that he thinks he did anything wrong. He probably is justifying his angry, obviously lonely response by calling me a bitch or something comparable. But it is meanness and a stingy spirit like his that will rot his insides and leave him alone and bitter. Poor sad little man, all alone in his tiny mind and no one understands him.

I hope, for his own sake, that he finds a way to be kind and generous. He's got a very dark life ahead of him if he doesn't.

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