Saturday, July 02, 2011

Movie Reviews!!! Hanna! Finally!

It. Was. Made. Of. Win.

I could stop there. But, I am wordy. There may be spoilers.

Hanna is, despite the modern trappings, a good, old-fashioned fairy tale along the lines of most orphan quest stories. There's the tragically dead mother, the wicked step-mother (Cate Blanchett), the well-intentioned but somewhat inept father figure (Eric Bana) and the normal-ish adoptive family that gives the hero of the story a peek at how the rest of the world lives.

It also has some pretty fight scenes (oh fight porn, how do I love thee) and an evil government program. What it doesn't have is a view of any of the female characters as sexy props. There was no "she's sexy evil" or "she's sexy prodigy" or "she's sexy lit professor". I found myself holding my breath, waiting for the busting cleavage/ slow-motion / gunshot scene (you've seen Angelina do this in every action flick she's been in) and it never came. The women in the show weren't asexual either. The road tripping,lit-professing, middle-aged mom (played by Olivia Williams!) has sex, embarrassing to her teenage daughter, but basic matrimonial sex. And Hanna has a couple of sweet teenage moments. But it's all bleedingly normal and not pornified, meant to show the character's humanity and not their breast implants. (Actually we don't see anything but a rocking camper with the mom's scene).

Joe Wright, I am officially on board as a fan. I liked Atonement. You're version of Pride and Prejudice, while not Colin Firth wet-shirt awesome, was a nice way to spend an afternoon. But Hanna is incredible. Well done, sir.

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