Thursday, June 30, 2011

Evening song and NOOZ

The Boyfriend is coming over (w00t w00t) so you all get a mushy song.

I blame Sylvie for making me like Band of Horses. Same with Miike Snow. Damn her.

Oh and in NOOZ- Timmy fucking Geithner is planning on leaving the Obama administration. I am way to hip and cynical to think Obama might try getting someone to take that position who doesn't walk around with a brown nose and toilet paper holster courtesy of the financial vampires. Gawkerites think Jamie "the poors are so mean, they call me names when all I did was ruin their lives and their children's lives" Dimon.

At this point I think the pubic hair on Clarence Thomas' coke can has a better grasp of real economics. (Well it's not so much that the douchenoodles don't grasp economics, it's that they don't care if they burn down multitudes of communities as long as their friends get big fat bonus checks and pay no taxes).

I am now going to resume my good mood. Vodka tonics in 3...2...1

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