Friday, July 01, 2011

Link Farming! Vitamin V! Imperialist Holidays!

It's the cusp of the most patriotic of days here in the old USofA. Ugh. I'd be happier spending the weekend in another country (July 4th getting drunk in the alley behind the Pantheon was pretty damn awesome) but I have lovely friends and a hot boyfriend and a kick ass kid and vodka tonic makings. So (as a lovely friend once put it) let's all celebrate Happy Inter-dependance Day!!!!

Sasha says "Fuck you" to uber-privileged feminists who say fuck you to low income women (full disclaimer, I briefly flirted the the New Agenda idea during the primary bull-shit, but there was a better choice than Palin in the election. Namely Cynthia McKinney, who I didn't have to contort or subvert my beliefs to vote for).

Today marks the start of a mass hunger strike at California's Pelican Bay prison over solitary confinement. Yes, we are still using that abysmal tactic. Yes it's still torture. And it's just as bad when it's inflicted on (mostly) men of color as it is when it's inflicted on Bradley Manning.

s.e. smith has a great post up at Tiger Beatdown on austerity in Greece vs. California. Part of me wonders if the urban planners of yesteryear specifically eliminated the town square from American life so that there would be less opportunity for mass protest. We don't have a Tahrir Square here.

Social psychology is pretty damn cool, yo! Try reading these blogs for fun and entertainment. You Are Not So Smart and Tools for Changing the World

It's Canada Day! Go give a Canadian a hard time about their lying meat. Canadian bacon- it's really just ham. (Don't really give Renee a hard time, she's awesome.)

Now, since it is officially afternoon, I can drink a refreshing vodka tonic without being an alcoholic (though what is my excuse for drinking mimosas with brunch?)

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