Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's different for girly girls

Well, not really. But....

I am super femme in presentation. I've got long, flowy, shiny hair. I have very traditional (though slightly exoticised due to black hair, dark eyes and pale olive skin)feminine features. I like skirts. I wear pink and or red nearly every day. I paint my nails. And the shit that I am really fucking bananas good at, cooking, decorating a house, putting together an outfit (when I have the clothes), and raising the Kid are all super traditional girly pursuits.

I also cuss like a trucker, have been in a couple of actual fights and am way more likely to jump in the middle of a brouhaha, physical or otherwise, than most of the dudes I know. I don't dream of a princess wedding (Elope! Elope! Is what I say whenever a friend tells me they are getting married) and I've been the wanton hussy and never the "but will you respect me in the morning" type for as long as I've been into boys. All those traits usually scream MASCULINE! And perhaps if I didn't already present as the feminine (almost) ideal, I wouldn't be allowed to get away with that shit.

All this is just a blathering way of saying femininity- not evil. Also not just for girls. Masculinity- also not just for boys. Be who you are, and throw a mean left hook if you have to.

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