Thursday, June 09, 2011

You Can't Normalize This Shit

I know, I know. This administration has become the Adherents of the Repeated Meme
(They're from Doctor Who people! And spoilers- they turn out to be the empty suits delivering badness for the actual baddy of the episode)

Oh sure, tax cuts to get businesses to hire people. Yeah, that works., McDonald's, fucking Mickey Ds, was responsible for HALF of all the hiring done last month. Yay! Crappy minimum wage jobs. Things are looking up! Fuck that.

You can't normalize this shit. You can't put the blame on us poor jobless folks. There's a lot of us, we talk. We're kinda over the whole bootstrap shit.

I'm not even a tiny bit surprised that Obama and his crack economic team can't be assed to think about unemployed folks on the bottom. He never even hinted that he gives a flying fuck, and was the first Democratic president since FDR to NOT MENTION POVERTY ONCE in the state of the union. But just because I'm not surprised, doesn't mean I'm not angry as hell.

Now for the folks at the bottom just waking up to how bad the President is for them, lemme remind you of that when voting season hits again. They don't give a shit about us, because we're going to vote for them anyways. What other choice do we have, let the Republicans win? We are a sure thing for them. No need to even get us liquored up.

The only way we get a government that is actually less evil is by not voting for evil period. The longer it takes people to figure that one out, the longer this dark and mean period lasts.

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