Monday, June 06, 2011

Keeping an Eye on Peru

Since spending 4 years saying "told ya so" regarding our own fucked up political system is boring, I'm much more interested in what other countries are doing (hello Spain, Greece, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, etc. etc. etc.) And I've had a big soft spot in my heart for Latin America since middle school Spanish classes.

Enter Peru, which just had an election Sunday and ballots are being counted.

Now my hard cynical eye is wondering, if Humala is ultimately declared the winner, is he a (not terribly)stealthy progressive who said toned it down during the election to get past the 50% post? Or is he more like Aristide, someone who started out truly progressive and won election(s) on the backs of the poor, only to become a great apologist for the wealthy elites once in office?

But hey, it's still way more interesting than the current 'Democrats suck but look over there it's a Republican they suck worse' politicking keeping us from doing anything real or important regarding fixing our broken system.

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