Friday, June 10, 2011

So Much For Posting

I started writing a BIG IMPORTANT(ish) POST about Roosevelt. But today is the day I get my bits cracked open with the jaws of life (speculum and cervix stabilizer) and I just can't concentrate long enough to get it right. I''ll think about it while I'm in the stirrups, for sure.

Actually, I am freaking the fuck out about this little gynecological adventure. Yes, I've had a baby. Yes I've had worse procedures done. But the idea of anything pain creating near my bits makes me nauseous. The plus side is, if this works- no babies, no more awful week long communist invasions. These are the good things that have kept me from just canceling the appointment altogether.

So enjoy this song by the Black Keys. Yes the video is problematic in that it does that overplayed and BORING love triangle, boys fighting shit. But I like the song. There's whistling!

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