Monday, May 09, 2011

There are certainly things I don't learn the first (dozen) time(s)

I'm an intellectual snob, I admit it. This is not a good thing. It means that I fall for the same bullshit credentials over and over, especially regarding my, uhm personal life.

For the last decade or so, nearly every dude I have dated has a graduate degree of some sort, usually in some flavor of science. I just got tired of having to talk down to boys or to placate their egos when I turned out to know more about something than they did. At least if I was dating someone that educated, this would happen less often. Or that was the theory. In practice in means that while there are a thousand more subjects I can talk to them about, they are still mostly condescending douchenozzles who know more than the little lady.

So I found myself having this little conversation today with Mr. I have a PhD in economics and work as a very important negotiator. You all know where this is going already, doncha?

After being lectured that 'we have the same goals but my hard approach isn't the way to go', I may have said something about how if his "let's motivate the elites to treat people better" approach actually worked then I would have nothing to write about. And not coincidentally, I'd have no lovely readers (because if you all wanted to hear the same bullshit about how elites actually do contribute to society and we need to compromise with for them, then you'd be reading the Huffington Post or the Big Orange Cheetoh and praising the like of Camille fucking Paglia.)

The thing is, I don't even think I'm that smart. I mean, yeah I pick up on stuff, but that's just because I read a ton. I'm pretty sure that anyone could do it if they were interested enough. Obviously I keep dating the same types of dudes and am frustrated by their over-privileged view and under-developed sense of decency. (And no Aeryl, we didn't even get far enough for me to ask if he was raised by a single mom or not.)

I'd say I give up, but we all know better. Thank the flying spaghetti monster that I've never seen marriage or a relationship as a requirement to a happy life, or I'd really be miserable.

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