Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If you're twisting yourself in knots trying to justify something- stop it.

So there's this post up at Feministe (I know, I hear the groans, I share the groans) about the band Odd Future and misogyny in their lyrics. The author (whom I believe is a dude going by name alone, but I could be wrong) spends a fuck load of screen space trying to figure out if a song about kidnapping, raping and torturing a girl because the rapist likes her and she doesn't like him back is misogynist.

It's pretty simple dude. Rape is kinda the ultimate expression of misogyny. Doesn't matter how oppressed a rapist may be in other aspects (age, race, class and even sexual orientation) because one form, or even multiple forms of oppression don't cancel out another. No need to twist and turn, hem and haw. It's pretty simple. Rape is always bad. Kidnapping and torture are always bad. Always.

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