Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Since the dog fart post went over so well

Someone actually donated money just to keep hearing dog stories. No story this time, just a cute picture of the best damn dog in the world- Winifred P. Cooper (I don't know why her middle initial is P, I just call her that and her human doesn't mind). I can tell you that this dog will lick my toes if I'm not wearing shoes. She rolls over on her back and demands belly rubs when she sees me. And she may love Sylvie slightly more than she loves me, or she could just be extra excited because Sylvie smells like C-A-T. That's what Amanda, Winnie's human says anyway. She may be sparing my feelings.

(Look at that face. It's soooooooo cute and plead-y. Don't ya just want to snorgle her to bits)

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