Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Representation Without Taxation

That needs to be on a protest sign located outside the offices of big corporate non-payers like GE, Bank of America, and Twitter. Yes, Twitter.

This little country was founded by a bunch of dudes who were pissed off that they were paying taxes to a government that they had no say in managing. 230 years later and we have the illusion of democracy, but we pay taxes to a government that we have no hope of managing, while the neoaristocracy kleptocrats skip out on paying but pull all the strings. That is a simple, clear message that even the most centrist of people should be able to understand. It's probably also the reason the kleptocrats are big sponsors of the tea baggers, they have the veneer of a grass roots patriot organization while being loud cheerleaders for the ruling class.

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