Saturday, April 02, 2011

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Someone at Corrente (forgive me for forgetting the tag, I'm typing on
my phone and can't comment or link to the post) thinks we need a good
old fashioned blogswarm on the subject of jobs just at the NYTimes is
writing about the happy 'News' that Dems in general and Obama in
particular will be getting an upward bounce because of March's
creative accounting of a tiny employment number increase. I'm in, but
not just a blogswarm. We need it to trend on Twitter and annoy all
friends and family members on facebook. And we need to pick a
politically crucial day to do it (perhaps reminding Obama of his
failures as a Democrat is not a bad thing to do while he gives away
the farm, I mean makes compromises on the budget with republifuckers.
Not that I think he'll listen, mind you. But real debate is never
about enlightening your opponent, it's about catching the attention of
the audience.

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