Thursday, March 31, 2011

the good news and the badish news

Good god y'all that was the longest interview EVER. Good news, I am
the applicant for the apartment that I've already seen in the
neighborhood I like. Yay. Bad news, in order to hold the space and
finish my aplication today I paid the $40 fees myself (the housing
program will only pay to approved vendors with W-9s on file. I'll just
pay the phone bill late) and it will be at least a week before I know
if I've got it. A week of nail-biting, for sure. I may be able to
squeeze a little extra time in the temp digs, but damn I hate to do
that. I know there's another family that needs the space and every
extra day adds to their stress. So wish me luck. Lots and lots of

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