Tuesday, March 29, 2011

saddest thing about emergency food budgets

which is what the amount you get in food stams is.
I'm standing downtown in the rain, waiting for my bus. Homeless man
with his belongings in a black trash bag comes up and asks if he can
sell me a beer for a buck. He's starving and doesn't get more food
stamps All I've got is the money I need to get home and I'm out of
food stamps till the 8th. But Kid and I scored at the food bank and we
should be ok. Dude then goes on a rant that's pretty familiar to me
about how the goddamned government is going to make him an alcoholic
cause they won't give him enoung money to eat the whole month but he's
been carting this fucking beer around and all he wants is dinner.
Goddamned government indeed.

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