Friday, January 21, 2011

Maybe it's time to go higher up the food chain...

Thinking of the last post, perhaps trying (in vain) to get the government to govern is a pointless exercise at this time.

Perhaps what we need to do is skip the flunkies in Washington and start negotiating with our corporate overlords directly. I have this little fantasy where, for just one month, everyone sends a little protest note of non-payment to every company the pay rents to. The electric company, phone company, mortgage company, student loans and credit cards and and and all get a note saying "fuck you, this payment is witheld until democracy is restored". Perhaps more politely phrased with a more specific demand.

Yes, there would be some pain on the protesters' part (I wouldn't advise skipping heating/cooling payments in any month that wasn't part of a mild spring or fall), but how fast might the government hup to when the landlords are being stiffed?

It's like what they tell you about getting customer service. Don't waste your time talking to the powerless guy who can't fix anything. Go up the food chain to someone who can/

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