Friday, January 21, 2011

But we're still a democracy, right?

What do you call it when both of the legacy parties refuse to address the needs and wants of the people they supposedly serve?

People need jobs.

The government would rather cut the deficit so that corporations and rich people can continue to enjoy low interest rates on money they borrow and high interest rates on money they loan.

People need Medicare and Social Security. They are willing to pay more taxes to keep those programs.

The government wants to reduce those programs.

The people would overwhelmingly rather cut military spending than any other program.

Military spending cuts will never be suggested by either party.

It doesn't matter which party you vote for. Neither party gives a rat's ass about us. Black, white, brown, male, female, straight, gay, young, old, whatever. If you are not part of the top 20%, then democracy is just an illusion.

Shit sandwich, shit sandwich with pickle. Republican, Democrat. They are all kleptocrats and at least they could be as honest as Nascar drivers in who their corporate overlords are by wearing sponsorship patches on their tacky blue suits.

Information on the people want is taken from this poll.

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