Friday, September 11, 2009

Virtuous foodies can suck my left one

Ah the moralizing middles, what would us poor people do if they weren't around to preach to us about the goodness of fresh, organic fruits and veggies and lean meats and unprocessed foods. I mean here I've been subsisting on a diet of macdonald's and frozen pizzas when all along I could be feeding my family nutritious salads and whole grains!

Seriously, virtuous foodies are just one more aspect of the middle class values that don't solve poverty. The whole spiel about eating healthy means jack shit if you don't give people the money and the access to actually eat healthy. It's just another way to make poor moms (and it is specifically moms) feel like shit because organic apples are 4 bucks a pound and that's out of the budget.

We poor moms,we know about nutrition. We've had it pounded into our brains the same way you have that more produce, less processed is good. Some of us (ahemmmm) are even foodies ourselves.I've been cooking since I was way younger than the kid, and the Kid has his mom's foodie tendencies. He reads cookbooks like he reads comics. And there are very few women in America who don't know what the calorie per gram amount is for sugars, fats, proteins and alcohol- even poor women. We get it.

What we don't get is the money to make that standard of living possible. We have to pack as much caloric punch into a dollar as possible. And I'll tell you, when all you've got is a buck and you're starving, a snickers goes a whole lot further than a bucks worth of organic celery and carrots.

So unless the virtuous foodies are gonna go screaming to congress about food stamp allotments that allow for organics and farmers markets that take ebt cards and tax incentives to get grocery stores into food deserts, then suck it.

I don't need another lecture.

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