Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eye Candy

Who says feminists hate men, or that women aren't visually stimulated?

For Gidget Commando- Cade Courtly (how have I been missing him on my tv?)

And since I tend towards the very British when it comes to imaginary crushes:

And from the best spy show ever (Spooks) :(Ruth watched one episode of this show with me and her immediate comment was something about how I was totally having gay sex fantasies about these two- and she was right)

And the ONLY thing that make the Twilight movie worth watching is this guy- granted he is totally breaking the french rule for age difference (half your age plus 7) and my own personal "if they can't buy their own drink they are too young" rule. But he's still pretty to look at.

Leave your lusty requests in comments.

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