Friday, September 11, 2009

How bloggers waste time- surreal edition

You should know, before reading this, that my gmail status is set to "Hold on there Margaret Atwood, you'll get shaken baby syndrom" and that is why I am Margaret. OD is Sparkles because she is mildly peeved that I stole that for my staus before she did. Sucker.

me: Yes- sparkles- I know you are off doing important things, but i thought I should tell someone that i appear to be in the center of a silent police action- lots of flashing lights but no sirens, and a helicopter circling around with big spotlights

Ouyang: not sure why you are still online there margaret...

me: because sleep is for the weak

Ouyang: many moons, no sleep

me: sure

Ouyang: that's how I roll

me: a rolling stone gathers no sleep

Ouyang: it's hard to sleep w/ all that moss choking you anyway

me: true dat
I like calling you sparkels
I think I shall keep it up

Ouyang: it's a fun name
and makes me want to kill unicorns

me: Actually- I think it should be Sparkles Glitterbits

Ouyang: hmm...cani have tassels?
it would also be my stripper stage name

me: tassel pasties yes
my stripper name is.....
Margaret Atwood

Ouyang: or mmy superhero name...and my power would be shitting rainbows

me: pissing rainbows more like
you'd shit magical honey turds

Ouyang: i would shit glitter and honey and piss rainbows, then?
all before bedtime

me: yep
stripper name or my little pony name- it could go either way

Ouyang: I can't find any kale, so I tink I will be serving meatballs w/ a nice salad

me: spam meatballs salad and spam
or just meatballs salad and spam

Ouyang: spam spam, spam meatballs, spam soup, salad and spam

me: ah- that's my favorite
unless it's spam, spam cake and spam
that's a good one too
Ouyang: spam cake spam spam frosting spam spam icecream and spam

this entire convo may have to be poster- it's too surreal for anyone to believe

Ouyang: BURMA!

me: spam,chicken and spam, spam lemonade and BURMA!
Do not go gently into that good spam
fight fight for the dying of the spam

Ouyang: you are so funny when you are sleep deprived

me: I've heard that before
and off topic 9was there a topic) I have decided that Ann was the kickass of the Bronte sisters. Screw Charlotte.

Ouyang: i am horribly underread
and no, there was no 9 topic

me: are you making fun of my typos disease
that's typist
and wrong

Ouyang: i would never...

Edited to add
Ouyang: you forgot to mention my obsession w/ spam

me: if they can't remember that I posted an entire video about spam dedicated to you then they are too dumb to be reading

Ouyang: bwahahaha

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