Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deep Thoughts

I've had a raging migraine for about 4 days straight now. I blame barometric pressure. We're having real storms here, not our usual drizzle. That's a giant reason for my migraines. When I lived in the south I could tell when thunderstorms were coming long before they ever appeared. I think a hurricane could give me an aneurysm.

Moving on..........

I've been thinking much about the role of government vs. charity. And I may be about to shoot myself in the ass since I have been so reliant on the kindness of stranger's paypal donations these last few months, but I believe that charity makes government non-responsive to the needs of the people. I mean why have a non-discriminatory system of services available to everyone when you can pawn the the work off onto non-profits. For example, would it be better to give money on a case by case basis to the American Red Cross for disasters or to fully fund a decent FEMA program? Is it better to have various patchwork childcare scholarships provided by churches, etc or to have universal preschool? Better to have hospitals such as St. Judes that help sick children regardless of their ability to pay, or universal healthcare that covers everyone?

That is your deep thought for the day.

Oh and rhythmic gymnasts have no bones. Those women are the most bendy people I have ever seen. More bendy than ballerinas even.

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