Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear Darra Torres:

You are fucking awesome. No doubt about it.

But in further proof of my ginormous rant that gets certain sections of mommies all pissy- I am immensely fucking tired of every damn story about having a line about how your real most important job is not swimming, but mommying.

Seriously, you are an incredible human science experiment on what the wonders of proper care and training can do to the body. But we women of the world who might look up to you can never ever be allowed for one fucking second to forget that what sprung from your loins is more important than how you perform (excellently, incredibly, awesomely) in your chosen profession.

Now I am 100% sure that you are not the only Olympic athlete to have kids. Why look at our men's basketball team. How many of them have children? But no one would ever say to Kobe Bryant that his most important job is being a dad. Nooooooooooooooooooooo. He's not supposed to hide his desires and talent under the parenting umbrella.

So forgive me, Ms. Torres, if every time I see a profile of you I want to stab out my eyes when they get to mushy mommy crap. It's not you. And I know that you are worth so much more than that.

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