Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My own 50 state strategy

After all the fun I had with Ms. Brazile yesterday, I've decided to keep the hits coming.

So I got an email from the Obama campaign this morning (how the fuckity fuck did they get my email?) telling me to join the campaign, sign up to volunteer, yaddayaddayadda.

This is my reply:

Dear Sir:

I have been a Democrat since birth. My family have been yellow dog Democrats since forever. But none of us will vote against our own self interests.

We are poor, working class people. Many of us a are women. Many of us are from Appalachia. Many of us live in Florida.

Your candidate has done his best to alienate us on all of the above, over and over and over.

And now I am being literally stalked, harassed and threatened by one of your supporters because I won't drink the koolaid. My blog and other blogs have been attacked by Obama campaign spammers and trolls. I have been called a slut, a bitch, and whore because I want to know what exactly Obama has to offer me, and I am not content with the answers I have gotten so far.

The behavior and actions of Senator Obama and his supporters are pushing me and my family into doing something we never thought we do- vote for someone other than the Democratic nominee. We cannot vote for a sexist. We cannot vote for a classist. We cannot vote for bullies and thugs. We cannot be part of a party that is no longer the Big tent Party and the champion of working class people. We cannot vote for a party that would disenfranchise it's own voters over things they had no control over.


Oh yeah- I think I am going to like letter writing.

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