Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did ya think

When you opened up the can of misogyny worms and forced them down Hillary's throat, that no one would do the same to you and your candidate?

Did you have the false sense of security that your flavor of misogyny was special and good and right when hurled at Hillary and her supporters? Are you feeling peeved now that the misogyny is being hurled at Michelle Obama instead?

Perhaps you were uncomfortable with the misogyny directed at us. But you support Obama. You certainly weren't going to say anything against your own candidate. On that justification, should we be helping you out now?

Did you think that by using race baiting against Clinton, you weren't going to open up all sorts of justification for throwing real racism at your candidate. Make believe threats of assassination pale in comparison to the real ones. We know about real threats. We watched countless heroes of the left threaten to take the bitch in a room and not let her come out again. No one screamed about assassination threats when that happened over and over and over again.

But we are better than you. We always have been. We don't have a problem calling out real racism when it shows it's ugly face in the form of a monkey sock puppet. We may not like the sexism that comes out of Michelle Obama's own mouth, but we will certainly call out people for throwing all that leftover misogyny at her now that the favorite punching bag has suspended her campaign.

We will even call you out when you post ugly pictures of Michelle and a noose.

But we are better than you. We always have been.

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