Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear Taylor Marsh

Just fucking stop.

I know that you are eager to write Clinton off completely so your conscience can feel better about supporting Obama. I can understand that. It is natural, and if nothing else it shows that there is still some integrity left to you.

But making stuff up is not cool, and you should seriously consider not doing it.

Hillary did not concede. There is no part in her speech that says so, and there is more tahn enough evidence that she is keeping her delegates. Thus, your hurry to write her off is not only a blatant lie, it is also very intellectually dishonest, and the smell of wishful thinking can be felt from my side of the pond.

You can choose to believe that Hillary is happy about the turn of events, and that she wil wholeheartedly support Obama from now on. Unfortunately, those of us with, you know, brains and an allergy to koolaid, might choose to think otherwise.

I am sure that Hillary would have done that, should Obama have won the primaries fair and square. He didn't. Votes who were not cast for him were given to him, the DNC broke its own rules to broker this shit in a closed door meeting, and delegates he hadn't earned were also given to him.

Since that didn't happen, I seriously have issues believing that she would bow gracefully to those who not only stole HER nomination, but compromised the party, shit all over democracy and are heading towards a catastrophic failure in the fall.

This is a truce and nothing more. Obama does not have the pledged delegates to win the nomination as of now, and the Sds are worth nothing until Denver.

Yes, it does make sense that Hillary would suspend her campaign, because she did go into a serious amount of debt while keeping on. YOU were one of the people who encouraged her to keep going at all costs, remember?

But a truce is not the end of a war, and this is a war. Obama is having problems against MCCain now, and one can only imagine what the situation will be in August. The Republican attack machine is good, and this time they won't even have to lie about him, the truth is damning enough.

Until Denver, the Democrats do not have a legal nominee. It's that simple. Much as you would like to remove that bit of truth, it is still there.

Mind you, I can understand why you are acting as such. Few people like to be seen on the loser side. It is probably even harder for you, since you have a career to think of. I can understand that. Most collaborationists have that sort of a reason.

I refuse to believe that senator Clinton would put the party above the interests of the people she defended all her life. If she did, that would make me lose all respect for her. It doesn't work that way.

So, seriously, shut the fuck up.

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