Friday, June 27, 2008

I own my vote

It seems that the hard press is starting to come from the party now (and not just the stalker bots). Every morning when I wake up there is a slew of new emails in my inbox from people like John Kerry trying to get me to "Unite for change" (i/e give my money to Obama)

Uhm, no.

But rather than feel useless and mute in the face of the sleazy salesmen of the Democratic party, I pledge to keep fighting to bring reason and ration back to politics. So when Dr. Socks posted this pledge from I Own My Vote, I had to sign up.

I stand together with Hillary Clinton’s 18 million voters to demand that Senator Obama and the Democratic Party:

  • Bring us together by seating 100% of the Florida and Michigan delegations in Denver with 100% of their votes, allocated in accordance with the popular vote of each state.
  • Bring us together by adopting policies on the Platform Committee that Hillary Clinton has championed.
  • Bring us together through reform of the primary and caucus system to reflect the basic principle of one person/one vote.
  • Bring us together through outspoken denunciation of all gender bias, racism and other forms of discrimination.
  • Bring us together by fairly and respectfully including Hillary and her supporters at the Democratic National Convention in Denver by, among other things, placing her name in nomination for President, conducting a roll call vote, and providing her a prominent speaking role during prime time on August 26th, the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage.
I own my vote. It does not belong to any party. It does not belong to any candidate. It does not belong to any mob that would impose its will on me. Only I can decide how to use my vote, and I can decide based on any criteria I choose. Therefore I pledge not to give my vote to anyone who does not earn it.

And that my friends is the most basic truth of this election. Obama has not earned my vote, and intimidation tactics will not get me to vote for him. Extortion will not get me to vote for him. Abusive behavior will not get me to vote for him. Disenfranchisement will not get me to vote for him.

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