Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A semi-real post! Now with extra blegging

The boyfriend and I had this interesting little email convo last night about politics and economics and how do you judge something when you don't know all the behind the scenes machinations of 12 dimensional chess players. Here are a few snippets.

"I hate 12 dimensional chess as a metaphor. It means the people who use it think us citizens are to stupid to understand what's going on. Yes, politics is complicated, but it's also very simple. Judge politicians by what they actually do, not what they say. It's easy to (as Chris Matthews said about Obama) get a tingle up your leg when someone makes a passionate speech. It requires not much more work to look at what actually gets done."

Boyfriend wanted to talk about Obama's big compromise, which the Republifuckers rejected, and if that makes Obama either a bad negotiator or a brilliant tactician who just made Reps look like the douchenoodles they are. I think neither.

"Both Dems and Reps are talking austerity with the debt ceiling. Austerity has been proven (over and over again) to be a bad fucking move in the middle of a recession. Even Nancy Pelosi is using the fucking "shared sacrifice" meme.

So, if both parties, even if they differ over how much pain should be delivered upon the bottom 80%, are talking about austerity, then some form of austerity is what we are going to get. There isn't another option being discussed and Obama has flat out said he won't use his constitutionally granted executive power to make the fed continue printing money. That is how I judge them by their actions, because their actions show what the agenda has been set to. "

And just a friendly, but desperate, reminder. I have 10 days till I get a paycheck. I haven't been able to buy more than 50 bucks worth of groceries at a time this month, so the cupboards are stark. And all the bills are past due (internet may be the first thing to go). If you've got something you can throw in the pot, royalty will smile on you and probably offer you a title. Would you like to be the Duchess of Badassery? Lord STFU? Baron von Snarkitude? Seriously, it's pretty grim around here.

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