Sunday, July 24, 2011

Of course the douchebag in Norway hates "sluts"

It is never fucking surprising when some asswipe goes on a mass killing spree to find out that he is a/they are misogynists, through and through.

The patriarchy is real, and it is deadly. And it is global. It happens here, and in Brazil*, and even in nicer than nice Canada. And now in Norway.

It's also no coincidence that most of these scumbags are religious extremists** (of whatever flavor of religion) because it is religion that writes down rules for male dominance and makes them law and makes the killing of the people who break those laws righteous in the eyes of fanatics.

*The BBC article doesn't say it, but 10 of the 12 murder victims were girls (at a co-ed school).

**Of course you can be an atheist and be a misogynist (cough*richard-dawkins*cough) as Marc Lepine in the Ecole Polytechnique killings was.

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